The Polar Express Painting

The Polar Express Painting
The Polar Express Painting Antique Gold Frame: The Polar Express Aurora Copper Frame: The Polar Express Aurora Gold Frame: The Polar Express Brandy Frame: The Polar Express Burl Frame: The Polar Express Carrisa Frame: The Polar Express City Black Frame: The Polar Express Dark Walnut Frame: The Polar Express Estate Bronze Frame: The Polar Express Michelangelo Frame: The Polar Express Modern Slate Frame: The Polar Express Rembrandt Frame: The Polar Express Rustic Andalucian Frame: The Polar Express Sunset Cherry Frame: The Polar Express Walnut Basque Frame: The Polar Express Deluxe Victorian Frame: The Polar Express Estate Edition Sketch: The Polar Express
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The Polar Express Painting

Artist:  Thomas Kinkade Studios

Release Date:  October 2014

Art Notes:  "Thomas Kinkade Studios is proud to bring Christ Van Allsburg's delightful tale of Christmas magic, The Polar Express to light.  It is a story of a wondrous train ride to the North Pole and of Santa's first gift of the season to a boy who believes.  The Polar Express captures the climatic scene as Santa rises through the gathered elves to start his night's work while the train waits to deliver the children back home before Christmas morning.  As long as one believes, the magic of the holiday will never be lost.  Join us in beliveing again.  Remember the laughter of the elves, the wink of Santa, the happiness of the North Pole and the tinkle of a sleigh bell making the most beautiful sound you will ever hear.  Seeing is beliving, but sometimes the mot real things in the world are the things we can't see." - Thomas Kinkade Studios

The Polar Express image is also available in a Paper Edition and Gallery Wrapped Canvas.

The Polar Express® is a registered trademark of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Image Size Description SN GP AP PP EE
12" x 18" Edition Size 495 180 100 90 30
18" x 27" Edition Size 695 250 140 125 42
24" x 36" Edition Size 195 70 40 35 12


  1. An average frame adds about 6" to each side of the image.
  2. The S/N, A/P, P/P, and E/P level canvases are all hand highlighted and numbered, and they look identical when finished.  The only thing that changes per level is the number of copies assigned to it (consult the chart above for specific numbers).  The levels with the smaller number of copies are more expensive.
  3. The G/P level is also hand highlighted and numbers and it looks identical to the S/N, A/P, P/P and E/P levels, except for the very small, unique gold foil Remarque stamped on the front of the image.  This remarque relatues uniquely to the subject matter of the painting in some way and changes from painting to painting.  For instance on the Snow White painting the remarque was a gold apple.
  4. The Examination Proof (E/P) edition is available only in the 18 x 27 size only.
  5. The Estate Edition (E/E), which features a unique sketch inspired by this painting on the reverse side of the canvas, is also available.  Other E/E features include a small edition size (usually 6% of the S/N edition), hand applied gel texturing, and additional hand highlighting.  The E/E is available in all four sizes - framed or unframed.  Call the Art Gallery at 252-453-2383 for pricing information.

Estimated Delivery Time:  Each canvas is made and hand highlighted after it is ordered.  For this reason it can take about 4 weeks to make the item and ship it to you.  Call the Art Gallery at 252-453-2383, between the hours of 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, to find out what edition(s) we have in stock and/or to arrange for faster delivery options.

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