Evening at Autumn Lake Painting

Evening at Autumn Lake Painting
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Evening at Autumn Lake Painting

Please note some of the editions are already sold out.  The P/P Edition is no longer available in the 28" x 42" size.  The E/E Edition is no longer available in the 18" x 27" & 28" x 42" sizes.

Artist:  Thomas Kinkade Studios 

Release Date:  October 2015

Artwork Description:  "Autumn is a special time of year. When the crisp cold air flows down from the north and the leaves explode into vibrant hues of orange, yellow and red, one gets a sense of time passing, of another year coming to an end. It is the last flash of color before the world falls into winter and the promise of spring’s rebirth begins. Evening at Autumn Lake captures that time of year when the nights become long and the world readies itself for a nap under a snowy blanket. Thomas Kinkade loved this season for the color it provided his palette, but also for the mood it created in the mountains he roamed as a young man. Thom grew up in the Sierra-Nevada’s and that majestic range is where he first honed his immense talents as a landscape artist.

Evening at Autumn Lake is reminiscent of the years that Thom spent capturing that wonderment and the time given to dreaming that this work would someday be able to translate his feelings about the environment to everyone who viewed it. The small cabin in the mountain valley brims with life as horses are allowed to graze. Canoes, drawn ashore, await their passengers and the lights in the cabin windows speak of the commotion going on inside. The red canoe is numbered 1958, which was Thomas Kinkade's birth year.  Evening at Autumn Lake reminds us that we should not only appreciate the beauty of the world but also that we recognize our opportunity to live harmoniously within it. God created “the garden” as a gift to man; mankind’s stewardship of God’s gift is an honor given back to the Creator. The wheel turns, the earth abides and we, here in our moment, are part of that cycle of life and the glory and triumph of its eternal renewal." - Thomas Kinkade Studios
The Evening at Autumn Lake image is also available as a Paper Edition, Gallery Wrapped Canvas and Art Print.
Image Size Description SN GP EP AP PP EE
12" x 18" Edition Size 195 70 N/A 40 35 12
18" x 27" Edition Size 295 110 100 60 55 18
24" x 36" Edition Size 95 35 N/A 20 17 6
28" x 42" Edition Size 25 8 N/A 5 4 2


  1. Your frame choice will add between 6 to 20 inches to the image dimensions selected.
  2. The S/N, A/P, P/P, and E/P level canvases are all hand highlighted and numbered, and they look identical when finished.  The only thing that changes per level is the number of copies assigned to each level.  The levels with the smaller number of copies are more expensive.
  3. The G/P level is also hand highlighted and numbered and it looks identical to the other levels, except for the very small, unique gold foil Remarque stamped on the front of the image.  This remarque relates uniquely to the subject matter of the painting in some way and changes from painting to painting.  For instance on the Snow White painting the remarque was a gold apple.
  4. The Examination Proof (E/P) edition is also available in the 18 x 27 size only.
  5. The Estate Edition (E/E) level is also available.  It is an extremely limited edition created with a textured process.  It is then finished by a Master Highlighter with additional highlighting and a special hand sketched Remarque on the back of the canvas.  The hand sketched Remarque is inspired by the painting itself.  The E/E edition is available in all sizes - framed or unframed.  Call the store at 252-453-2383, between the hours of 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, to order.

Limited Edition Canvas Information:  Thomas Kinkade Studios Limited Edition Canvases combine old world craftsmanship with the finest materials and latest production technologies to produce extraordinary canvas artwork.  The reproduction process captures not only the color and mood of the original painting, but the actual brushwork as well.  Every piece is hand-retouched with fine acrylic paints by skilled artisans, giving the painting a look almost identical to the artist's on-easel original.  Vibrant colors, rich textures and color tones accurate to the original brushstrokes are the hallmarks of your finished piece.  Every canvas reproduction is individually numbered and comes with a matching Certificate of Authenticity.  An engraved brass nameplate is included.  This product is made in the USA.

Estimated Delivery Times:  Each canvas is made and hand highlighted after it is ordered.  For this reason it can take about 4 weeks to make the item and ship it to you.  Call the store at 252-453-2383 to find out what edition(s) we have in stock and/or to arrange for faster delivery options.



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